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The Era of the covid days led to increasing demand for freelancing and work from home positions, this gave room to remote work and hybrid work.

Just before freelance work became the new wave, work from home freelancers have been underrated, from lack of trust for competence to low pay rates.

Low job availability became a part of the problem as we had more freelancers and people ready for telecommuting than we had more work.

There has been a paradigm shift in what society deems fit to be an appropriate workplace and remote work has gradually taken full advantage of this newborn freedom. In line with the pandemic guidelines, giant companies like Twitter went a step further and permitted their employees to work remotely forever if they desire.

There’s no substitute for being in the office full-time and we know it’s a fact but research shows that remote workers are happier and more productive than their in-office counterparts plus they get to work without shoes on. They report lower stress levels and their carbon footprint is smaller with no commute.

Little wonder why freelance work online and work from home opportunities have become a freelancers delight, and as opportunity presents itself daily, telecommuting will never cease being advantageous to both digital nomads and employers.


Is Freelancing for Free?

I hope this question doesn’t come as a shocker, but one can’t fail to ask since the word FREE comes in freelancing. The big answer is NO, except you’re probably taking up a volunteer role in a nonprofit organization.

Freelancing is simply the freedom to perform assigned duty (especially professional) outside the chain of command and office environment.

This term gave rise to the Remote work and Hybrid model of work also called telecommuting according to Wikipedia, is a work arrangement in which employees do not commute or travel (e.g. by bus, bicycle or car, etc.) to a central place of work, such as an office building, warehouse, or store.

Remote work is a working style that allows professionals to work outside of a traditional office environment. It is based on the concept that work does not need to be done in a specific place to be executed successfully.

The hybrid model (fondly called the hybrid remote work model) allows some employees to work remotely while some work onsite and oftentimes physical presence of key members and team leaders will be needed for team meetings. Companies that hire freelancers and remote staff will be said to be practicing the Hybrid work model as it combines both onsite and remote staff to get the job done.

Freelance remote working essentials

Pay rate

Freelancers and remote workers are often paid hourly and usually between an average of 20 – 40 hours weekly at 15 – 30 dollar hourly for part-time or contract opportunities and for projects like web design, software, and app development, project management offers could be fixed price based on current freelance rate.



The trick to being a highly rated freelancer is having stellar communication skills, experience and portfolio is always an advantage, good time management, and high proficiency with remote or cloud-based tools such as instant messaging tools like zoom, skype, google suite, Hootsuite, Slack, Trello, Asana, Team viewer, Chrome remote desktop, Teamwork, etc. you can install most of these applications and productivity tools on appsumo.


Current roles of remote staff vary from job type, while admin and support roles could require a home/office/ virtual work environment with a reliable internet connection and specific personal computer requirements along with a few accessories which could include Ethernet cable, HD webcam, and headset with mic.

The world is rapidly evolving and you should be able to stay abreast with the latest trends/research and be willing to learn new things.

Maintain a high level of follow-up and feedback/reporting system is vital, your boss needs to know what you are up to and your level of progress.


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Best remote or hybrid jobs

There’s a wide range of opportunities for remote freelancers but to be able to have a slice in the pie, you should have qualifications and certifications before you go out searching for “remote work near me”.

Nobody is ever going to be certain you can successfully manage a project just by word of mouth if you lack a project management certification especially from a recognized academy like Coursera, IBM, LinkedIn, or Google.

Most of these courses are available for free, you simply need to put in the work and devote hours from your days and pass the final assessment and you can land this one in less than 2 weeks.

If you are looking at getting good pay and still have time for learning, family, and flexing you should consider the best and most flexible jobs available remotely

Support or admin jobs range from virtual assistant, customer service/support, data entry, admin manager, or assistant roles.

Tech/ ICT roles/jobs

These jobs include an in-depth understanding of computer programming skillset, available roles in this field would include front end and back end web development, graphics design and animations, software and application development for both android and iOS, python development, JavaScript, Sales/marketing roles, project management, human resources (for hiring process), copywriting (SEO content writing).


Interview questions to prepare for.

Aside from having an appealing resume, portfolio, and cover letter, you should also have answers to questions like:

Who are you?

Why are you interested in this role or why should we hire you?

Describe your most challenging project?

Tell about a time you worked with a difficult person.

What do you love to do outside of work?

How can you add value to the team?


Best sources for remote positions and roles.

We have quite an increasing number of remote jobs but a handful of qualified freelancers, little wonder why employers put in substantial resources into hiring the best fit for the job, and top companies like DEEL, Testgorilla, Wizehire take this recruiting process seriously.

You can create a detailed profile on any of these platforms whether you are hiring, job hunting and looking for something to do remotely, these websites below have the best work from home opportunities.

Some of the popular freelancing websites for remote work gigs include Fiverr, Upwork, and

There are very reliable sources for remote or hybrid jobs with flexible hours and full-time benefits which may include perks like, health benefits and allowance, travel bonuses and stipends.


Doing the work efficiently (Best practices)

Getting a job sounds hard but it’s harder to maintain it or to be retained on a full-time basis. Remember you are working from a distance and feedback is always a priority, so endeavor to relate to the coordinator or team members and always be up to date with information, always check group chats and official web pages and be present at zoom/skype meetings.

You cannot underemphasize the importance of good internet connections until it’s your shift and you experience a network glitch (you risk not getting paid for those hours and that’s if you still have a job after this). Using inferior gadgets can be embarrassing too, ensure your gadgets are as good as new and meet all the required specifications. Keep apps and software up to date too.

Make sure you put your best working hours into this, let your passion show, and if need be for emergency work hours and shifts don’t always shy away.

Your working environment affects your output, so for the few hours you signed up for, keep it professional and strictly business, a serene well-lit workspace and a warm cup of coffee have done more magic than harry potter’s wand.

Health is wealth so conclusively, health is priceless. Maintain excellent healthy habits, stay fit, exercise frequently, drink water, eat fruits/smoothies, rest well mostly before work, take supplements.

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Strive for excellence and give your best, working with minimum supervision shouldn’t be just a line in your resume, act it when there’s no supervision. Keep your boss impressed and offer solutions and ideas that will be of positive impact to the employer’s business.

It builds up your portfolio and creates room for recommendations and possible retaining for long-term projects or contracts.

Remote working is intended to be more relaxing but productive, enjoy the comfort and live life on your terms.

Have fun working while you also have time for vacations and self-development, working from home is meant to be enjoyed not endured.

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Not suitable for all jobs types.
Jobs that require the use of specialized equipment require the constant operation of
machinery can’t be feasible for remote work from anywhere in the world. 

Tracking tasks and productivity.


Most remote employees work from home, which spells ample distractions (the laundry, dishes, maybe your children or naughty siblings, plus no over-the-shoulder accountability to keep you off your favorite social apps) and it’s pretty easy to get sidetracked.

Working from different locations, time zones can make it difficult to keep track of tasks and work input, this may seem to put you off at first or probably get you worried but don’t be.

If you need to know if your employees are productive at work, you can Use Advanced Time Tracking and Productivity Monitoring Tools and keep track right from your mobile.


You can find it Difficult to Just Stop Working.

It may be challenging to separate working and personal life once you have a desk and you’re on Wi-Fi and as a result, it’s easy to keep working into the night or well past the time you said you’d finish up.

No matter how you manage your minutes, it’s always a good idea to build a schedule you can stick to especially if your hours aren’t 9–5 or within the same time zone.

Since you are remote, you might want to compensate with overtime to appear busy and transparent to your boss especially if you are working with time management software.

You should have access to the same technology that your team does and if your team has no collaboration tools, Lobby your boss for them! It’s the 21st century after all.


Payroll Issues

It may get difficult to comply with the payment regulations of different regions or countries.
Additionally, you may also find it challenging to make payments in different currencies, for different pay periods, hourly rates, etc.
For this I strongly recommend DEEL, as they mediate as payment regulators to ensure compliant methods of employees, making payroll easier for employers.


Effective Remote Working Policies

Remote working policies entail what the employees can and can’t do while working remotely. Stating clearly the rules in the work policy will ensure that the entire workforce is abreast and aware of their expectations.

 The main focus should consist of important considerations such as:

·         How, where, and when the employees should work.

·         Project management guidelines.

·         Basic equipment and internet requirements.

·         Mode of communication for meetings, medium/channel of communication for daily and weekly updates, etc.

You can find out more about creating a remote work policy.

Create Benefits For Employees

Working remotely can feel like you’re standing outside the circle so as an ideal employer, always pay attention to the need of all employees, ensure they interact with each other and watch how they overcome team challenges, have annual retreats and related events that give a chance to connect.

As often as possible, you can send them goodie bags, gift cards, or even a small present on their birthdays! Additionally, you can award your remote staff for performance and input quarterly, you can even conduct company happy hours virtually so that all your employees can participate.

Here are some great ideas for hosting Zoom happy hours. 

Don’t let your remote employees feel left out of any important events be it celebrations, employees benefits, or meetings.
Ensure that team members get a weekly one-on-one meeting with their managers or supervisors this will help them discuss their work progress and sort out difficulties immediately, it will undoubtedly enhance employee experience and motivate them to keep doing their best.

Explore new ways to Conduct Meetings and communicate.

Meetings are a vital part of any organization whether remote or otherwise, however, in a remote setup, these meetings may get chaotic or even be unproductive if not planned and conducted properly. 

So always have clear agendas and communicate them to all members in advance so that they can come prepared, also consider the different time zones of remote employees.

It doesn’t matter if you are hosting an hour-long Zoom video conference or a 15-minute Google Meet, it’s important to start and end these meetings on time to avoid wasting anyone’s time, your employees steal a little of time management etiquette from you, so you want to be sure you lead by example.

You can also explore the asynchronous communication style, asynchronous communication refers to communication where you don’t expect team members to respond immediately, to implement this method flawlessly, you need to equip the employees with all the tools and information related to that project or task and they’ll do it in their own time. You can add notes, specifications, and useful links related to the task.

This eliminates the pressure of constantly being online and responding to all queries in real-time.
Read more about asynchronous communication here.
You can also ask all employees (in-house and remote) to join the meetings from their individual computers. This way, those working remotely won’t feel left out like they would when the in-house workforce huddles together in the conference room.

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